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aeroponic commercial greenhouse for soilless growing

A Commercial Aeroponic System in New Holland, PA

Aeroponic Commercial Greenhouses

We provide turn-key aeroponic commercial greenhouse systems all throughout the USA. Whether you are looking for a small turn-key commercial aeroponic system or wish to add to an existing system, we offer many possibilities to make your soilless farming operation a success.

  • Grow Year-round
  • Indoors in a Greenhouse or with Light
  • Vertical Aeroponic Growing
  • Environmentally Friendly
“AERO’s pod design is much more versatile than other hydroponic and Aeroponic set ups. It allows you to have several plant, pH, and design options. The pods have been an incredible space saving addition to our farm, with minimal maintenance. We love our pods and can’t imagine life without them now!”
Georges Aeroponics and Farm
commercial aeroponic or hydroponic growing systems

AERO Circular Pod System with 600 to 1200 Grow Spots

AERO Commercial Aeroponic Circular Pods

Grow more in less space with an AERO Circular Pod. These pods give you from 600 to 1200 grow spots per pod. Each pod is equipped with eight columns that are ten foot tall. Buy these pods to add to an existing greenhouse or with a turn-key aeroponic commercial greenhouse with a full soil-less farming system. Bring us your ideas and we will help you fulfill your dreams of a soil free farming system.

  • 600 to 1200 grow spots on each pod
  • Easily remove for planting and harvesting
  • Only takes a hour to assemble with our FREE GUIDE
  • Available to ship internationally
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Fill out the form and join the Aeroponic Stories list. Here you will hear about how people are using our aeroponic system for commercial purposes. We love to share the successes of the growing list of brilliant customers who have and are implementing Aeroponic Systems for business.

Turn-Key commercial aeroponic greenhouse in NJ
Aeroponic Commercial Greenhouse for Vertical Farming
affordable aeroponic growing system for a commercial greenhouse


If you are interested in maximizing your growing capability, whether you are a seasoned soil farmer, an existing greenhouse grower, or an entrepreneur just starting with this cutting edge growing technology, we have aeroponic commercial greenhouse systems of any size that can be customized to suit your individual needs. Our standard commercial greenhouse units outfitted with an AERO Grow System start at 2400 square feet. The aeroponic commercial greenhouses are typically “gutter connect” which means additional aeroponic greenhouses and grow systems can be connected in the future if desired to expand the existing growing capacity.

For existing greenhouse growers, especially those whose houses are in use for only several months a year, we have an “above ground” retro fit, portable version of the AERO Grow System that offers the opportunity to generate year-round revenues.

Depending on the size and desired floor plan, the AERO Grow System include a series of Vertical Columns which are integrated into a closed irrigation system which regulates the volume and frequency of nutrients each Column and plant receives. Your commercial aeroponic greenhouse will also be equipped with a climate control monitoring system that regulate the temperature, humidity and operate the ventilation system.

We construct the AEROPONIC COMMERCIAL GREENHOUSE, install the AERO Grow System, provide starter seedlings if desired, and upon completion turn over the keys to you to a fully operational aeroponic greenhouse and growing system.  Depending on size, a typical completed “Turnkey” Aeroponic Growing System and greenhouse can be installed in 6-8 weeks.