Rethinking Growth with Aeroponic Gardening

 AERO has worked hard to develop a clean, efficient, and healthy growing system to bring the freshest produce possible into homes and businesses around the world.

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What is Aeroponic Gardening?

Aeroponics is soilless growing utilizing air, water soluble nutrients, and light to grow vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruits. AERO Development Corp has designed aeroponic systems for residential and commercial applications. Each AERO system consists of vertical columns which dispense the nutrient-rich water through a distribution cap at the top of the unit to the grow cups staggered on the sides of the columns or panels. The grow cups house the plants in a bed of rockwool that allows the roots to grow unencumbered down the center of the column. The nutrients in the water are those that are also found naturally in healthy soil. The AERO grow systems recycle the nutrient from a reservoir tank, conserving water, while giving the plants the needed nutrient on intermittent cycles.

What Can grow in an Aeroponic Gardening System?

Aero Development Corp partners with AERO Fresh Farms to produce a primary commercial crop of Boston Bibb lettuce in its 10,000 square foot greenhouse where we’ve grown all varieties of vegetables, herbs, and even fruit, like strawberries. Boston Bibb is harvested two times per week and brokered to several local suppliers and markets. If you live in Lancaster County or the surrounding area, look for AERO Boston Bibb lettuce! Some of our other favorite things to grow are flowers (particularly the edible Nasturtium variety), Swiss Chard, tomatoes, basil, peppers, kale, arugula, oregano, chives, and parsley, just to name a few.

What is a Aeroponic Gardening System?

AERO Development Corp has designed residential and commercial systems utilizing aeroponic technology for growing vegetables and fruits of all kinds. AERO has three residential models perfect for a porch, deck, patio or indoor growing (with direct sunlight or grow lights). The AERO Mobile Garden has 72 grow cups, the Aero Wall Garden – 41 grow cups, and the Aero Kitchen Garden – 12 grow cups, all with a wide-range of growing possibilities. For those desiring to produce food on a larger scale, we have year round, portable mini greenhouses as small as 8’ x 12’ and larger, each outfitted with an AERO grow system. If interested in a commercial greenhouse growing system, we have Turnkey installations that range from 2400 square feet on up.  These are “gutter connect” greenhouses that can be expanded to meet your growing needs (the aeroponics growing system can also be expanded). Visit our products page for more information or contact us for more details.

Questions? Problems? Success stories?

Your system comes with all of the tools that help you grow successfully. One tool is access to our Facebook AERO Growing community. Once you join the group, you’ll be able to ask questions about installing your system and growing effectively. You can also interact with other AERO growers!

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