Our Aeroponic Growing Systems Partners

Messiah College and our Aeroponic Growing Systems Development

AERO and Messiah College have been working together since the Spring of 2014. They share a vision that incorporates Christian faith and service into practical applications with career and business.

Students from several different departments have been involved in many aspects of AERO, from improving the cup design on the towers to designing brochures and other literature. By providing learning opportunities, students gain valuable experience while they are exposed to real-world business.

AERO is excited to be joining up with one of Messiah College’s co-curricular programs, the Collaboratory. Affectionately known as the Collab, the program’s missions are “to foster justice, empower the poor, promote peace, and care for the earth through applications of our academic and professional disciplines,” as well as “to increase the academic and professional abilities of students and other participants, their vocational vision for lifelong servant-leadership, and their courage to act on convictions.”

By partnering with the Collaboratory, AERO hopes to provide opportunities for students to experience real-world problem solving as well as serve their communities.

Sam and Frank of AERO are thrilled to be continuing this partnership in the years to come with the Collaboratory, along with Messiah College faculty and students.

Feed New York

Feed New York began in the summer of 2012 as a one-year initiative of Times Square Church to reach out and support churches in New York City that have a heart to help those in their neighborhoods who are having difficulty providing food for themselves or their families.

The idea was simple. Support up to 100 churches with 1,000 dollars worth of food every month over the span of one year. This initiative provided a way for churches to begin working together to provide food assistance to individuals and families in need.

With a need in the city that is only growing, it became apparent that the efforts of Feed New York should continue. Our first priority moving forward is making Feed New York sustainable for the long-term.