A greenhouse for soilless farming in New Holland, PA

Greenhouse for Soilless Farming in New Holland, PA

Date Completed: April 2016  |  Project for Garden Spot Village

Enter this no soil growing facility in at Garden Spot Village in New Holland, PA and you will find 4,608 square foot of green space. The 27,360 grow spots are spread out in 25 growing pods that feature 200 columns. Garden Spot Village is now serving fresh food grown in their own soil free greenhouse to elders of the retirement community and in their onsite restaurant.

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Beyond Organic Greenhouse for Soilless Farming in NJ

Date Completed: August 2015  |  Project for Beyond Organic in Freehold, NJ

This Greenhouse for Soilless Farming is serving customers in Freehold New Jersey. The Commercial Aeroponic operation features a 36’x96′ Greenhouse which runs on solar power. With 19 commercial aeroponic pods Beyond Organic has 15,200 grow spots in the greenhouse. The commercial greenhouse also features radiant floor heat.

Soil Free Produce Grower in Tulsa, OK

Date Completed: August 2015  |  Project for Sage Farms

Sage Farms is proud to provide local markets in Tulsa, OK with fresh produce grown in Aero’s Commercial Aeroponic Pod system. They have installed four pods that allow them to plat up to 60 plants per 2 square foot of greenhouse area. Ben Neil, founder of Sage Farms started the farm to provide a place where he could work with his family. They feature a 7,000 square foot greenhouse full of all natural, non-GMO and fresh produce.

Soil Free Farming in PA

Aero Commercial Aeroponic Pods in PA

Date Completed: August 2015  |  Project for Georges Aeroponics and Farm

Georges Aeroponic Farms in Milford, PA serves their community with fresh food from a soilless greenhouse. Their commercial aeroponic system includes 3 commercial pods with a total of 1632 grow spaces. George’s testimony is that the AERO design “is much more versatile than other hydroponic and aeroponic setups,” and that the pod design “beats the algae problem I’ve experienced with homemade systems.” They love their pods and could not imagine life without them.